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There are many different bike carrier models, which vary in size, the way the bicycle placed, and all this, in turn, influences the area of ​​the car where it placed.

These elements that we present below are the most important to take into account to ensure the quality of your bike rack, so you should know them and keep them in mind when you go to make your purchase.  


Whatever your bike, three types of supports can take it; you decide to decide which one suits your car or the destinations you plan to reach. Compare the prices, but do not forget that each model has specific characteristics that taken into account:

– Ball Carrier – The bicycle carrier that attaches to the trailer hitch, which is located at the rear of the car and is typically used to fix caravans or other damaged cars, is one of the best sellers. It is a versatile model and often compatible with any car model. But look first at the size or number of bicycles you want to take: it may be necessary to equip your car with a repeater and position lights.

– Car tailgate bicycle carrier -In this case, however, not all car models are compatible, and the possibility of attaching the support directly to the tailgate examined on a case-by-case basis. Also, in this case, the license plate repetition system and the position lamp repetition system may be necessary, even if the bicycles fixed at a sufficient height with this type of hook.

– Roof rack -If your car is already equipped with crossbars to adjust to the roof, which serves keto hold the bike firmly on the roof of the vehicle, be careful to choose this solution only if the car is low enough. The total height reached by car and the bicycle could be an obstacle to reach specific destinations where the route provides narrow passages or tunnels or low-rise bridges.


The design must be easy to anchor, and depending on the type of vehicle you have, considering what is most comfortable for you, you can choose between a model that fits on the roof of the vehicle or one that placed in the trunk.

The ideal thing is that, besides, the purchase includes an anchor guide, to facilitate the work of the owner at the time of trying to mount it for the first time. Some products come disassembled so that an extra assembly task would be required; This must also evaluated before purchasing the product.


Depending on whether you want it for family or individual use, you should know that the capacity of bicycles they support varies in each model. There are particular products (for a single bike) and others with capacity for several.


The size varies capacity, which is essential depending on the type of dirtbike you own and for your comfort when installing, removing, and storing it.

There are models with universal size, which means that they are suitable for any car, but this is a crucial confirmation before purchasing so that it is safe that used for your car.


Bicycles need, in addition to space, safety during the transfer, so that they do not suffer blows, are scratched, or fall on the trip. For this, there are models with rubber liners, safety ropes, and even anti-theft systems.

The best brand of bike rack is one that pays attention to detail that not always taken into account, the ability to insulate well the frame of the typical jerks of irregular roads so that neither car nor bicycle is damaged.

Rather lightweight frames, such as carbon ones, must remain firm and is the same bike rack to cushion any crash that could be dangerous for the bike.

The right cushioning and attention to detail also seen in the ability of the car to protect the body, preventing scratching to the bike hit her.

Last but not least, a good bike rack should be able to discourage intruders who could take advantage of shortstops on their way to steal their bicycles. Therefore, make sure that the straps and fastening systems are tight and resistant.


In the following ranking, you will find a careful review of the different bike rack models. You will notice that a frequent warning is to pay attention to the compatibility of the bicycle frame with the bicycle carrier hooks.

Arms designed to support the bicycle are not always compatible with all designs. Bicycles for women or children without a bar or mountain bikes can be annoying and challenging to install and require the use of special adapters.

It also checks the possibility of reducing or increasing the maximum diameter supported by the clamps that hold the frame, so that the grip is firmer.


If you are undecided on which bike rack to buy, do not stop at the first option, but try to evaluate well the characteristics. Each has advantages and disadvantages to take into account, depending on the frequency or type of bike to take.  


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