Spotlight on the roof bike carrier

roof bike carrier
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Spotlight on the roof bike carrier

roof bike carrier

Currently, it is indeed possible to practice your favorite physical and sports activities during the holidays, because it is now possible to take your bike there thanks to the best hitch bike racks that flood the market. There are many options available to cyclists. But the best would be to choose a roof bike carrier. Everything you need to know about this device in this article!

Roof bike carrier: small preamble

Whether for real pedaling professionals or for simple cycling enthusiasts, the roof bike carrier can be an essential travel ally for transporting their bikes. It is an older and more prevalent version of equipment of its kind. It mounts on the roof racks of any vehicle.

How many bikes can you carry with a roof bike carrier?

As long as they have a large roof, cyclists can take several bikes with the roof bike carrier. However, although the maximum load of the latter allows the carrying of several bicycles, it is recommended to limit the number to four for safety reasons.

How to choose your roof bike carrier?

The roof bike carrier is available in several models. As a result, selection can quickly become a headache for the buyer. To see more clearly and make the right choice, here are some criteria to take into account.

A priori, this equipment must be chosen according to the dimensions of the vehicle roof. Then, it is important to check the carrying capacity of such a device as necessary, that is to say the number of bikes to transport.

Finally, and not least, it is important to take into account the reputation of the manufacturer in order to obtain a reliable and secure bicycle carrier.

Installation guide for a roof bike carrier

At the outset, it should be noted that the roof bike carrier can only be used on cars with a roof rack. It is however possible to acquire the latter in addition provided that the fund in question can take charge of it.

To properly install a roof bike carrier on the car, you will need to take the time to read the instructions and precautions for use provided by the manufacturer. It is wise to pay attention to the specifics of the product, because a single loosely tightened bolt is an insured accident.

It should be noted that the mounting of a roof bike carrier can be done faster and without the help of a professional provided you are careful.

What are the strengths of a roof bike carrier?

One of the essential advantages of a roof bike carrier is that it does not block the visibility of the license plate or access to the trunk. Better, it brings undeniable comfort in driving.

In addition, with a roof bike carrier, the two-wheelers will never come into contact with the car body. As a result, users have no reason to worry about paint damage or bicycles.

What are the weak points of this model of bike carrier?

Despite its many advantages, you should know that the roof bike carrier also had weaknesses. Indeed, this model of bike carrier adds a significant height to the vehicle. As a result, the car will not be able to pass through underground car parks or on height-regulated tracks.

At the same time, the wind resistance will be significant and therefore the fuel consumption will increase due to the decrease in aerodynamics. In addition, loading and unloading bicycles will be more or less difficult with this model.

Roof bike carrier: safety precautions

To travel in peace, users are required to comply with a number of security measures. First, for the safety of bikes and other road users, it is a good idea to properly fasten bikes before setting off.

Second, the load-bearing capacity of the bicycle carrier must be respected. The same goes for the weight tolerated by the roof. In addition, a frequent stop is necessary to check the good performance of the bike carrier, the tension of the straps and the tightness of various bolts and screws.

Where to buy your roof bike carrier?

Users will be able to order their roof bike carriers from online sales sites. In this specific case, renowned merchants are to be preferred. On Amazon for example, buyers have access to a wide choice where they can decide according to their budget and their taste.

Besides, the notes left by users can be very useful. But weather permitting, there is nothing better than discovering the carrier with your own eyes before buying. In this regard, investors can visit physical stores. But once again, it is necessary to favor the brands of good reputations.

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